Can you learn piano on iPad?

Yes, I can, the iPhone is just too new…but I have to use a software.

Can I still hear my music on an Audiobus phone?

Not if you’re using the iPhone in the car. You will hear your music on the radio as normal.

Can I still hear my music on an Android phone in the car?

If you’re using it in a car, yes. We cannot recommend it.

My iPod cannot play what I’m telling it to do…what else can I do?

Make sure you never start on an iPod you don’t have full control over. This is important.

Can an iPhone or iPad be used in my car?

Yes, if it can play music and use an interface. This means you have to use the iPhone and iPad in the driver’s seat, not at the front of the car. The Audi A3 can be used by a driver of a MINI or S model car in the back seat, while the Audi A4 cannot be used as it won’t have the audio inputs required for driving.

My iPod won’t give a “stereo” sound – what else can I do?

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The volume and sound on your iPod is a function of two drivers. In other words, the iPod is not actually listening in the front or rear seats. You can have your iPod in the front seat and play all your audio material, or you can have it in the back seat listening for new songs. If you need to get away from your iPod, you can disconnect and then reconnect it to the car stereo.

My iPod won’t play the music I’m playing on the iPod/iPhone – what else can I do?

If you can’t find music to play on your iPhone with its audio interface and your car’s stereo, you can use an audio adapter to bring the iPod/iPhone back into its proper position with the other inputs.

My iPod will not play the songs I want…what else can I do?

If the iPod/iPhone doesn’t have the appropriate software, it will not be able to play the songs you want it to. If you are trying to play music and you don’t know where to start, turn the iPod OFF and try again. There may be a manual you can borrow from your dealer or you can find more information on the internet. There are many sources of information on all the different iPod/iPhone interfaces.