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Sure, there are other things you can learn (such as music theory, the violin). But to be an effective musician you are constantly working on your technique; making your playing easier, better, and more enjoyable.

But, to be effective your practice methods must be right on-point

As an effective musician you need to practice every single day.

To do that right you need to practice music that is of high quality, on high-quality gear. In the meantime, if you are unable to play regularly then you should have music that you practice for 1-2 hours a day.

This way you can continue practicing even though you have music lessons going on. As your training and skill improve, so will your ability to play with quality.

By improving your musical skills, you will also become one of the best guitarists ever to live, and maybe even create a career in it.

So, whether you need that extra motivation to learn, or just want to improve your abilities, then click the buttons below!

So, if you can, give your playing a good workout with this guide, to be sure you get better at playing the music you play in order to be able to use that extra ability you’ve been learning on-the-go.
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I received a free shirt from a generous friend! It was printed to order on a cotton 3/4 tee shirt. As a student and aspiring singer, I wanted this shirt to be perfect – it has a great graphic design, a cool, simple black/tan print and fits my frame perfectly!

The shirt has two pockets located on the right side of the shirt (like a pocket on your wallet) and two on the left (like the pocket on a belt). I will include the design on a separate listing. It was also added to my wishlist to add on some extras! If you would like some extra pocket space or a smaller size, this is something I would love to have made!

I also added a little note saying “If you find this item, please check out my current Etsy shop, Bored, because I have some more unique prints!”

Thanks for looking!

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