Can you skip grades in piano?

I can skip a grade in piano. I do it through the practice routine.

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I’ve heard the practice routine is like this:

-Pick your favorite piano song

-Listen to the melody and the chords

-Practice the chords until the melody is perfect

-Repeat with the melody, chords, and bass part.

How can you tell if you are practicing correctly?

It feels like the melody is always perfect.

The chords are always perfect.

The bass line never seems to stop to play a single note. Sometimes it repeats a second or third time.

You are the only one who doesn’t seem to know where to start?

Most people are just trying to find some “soul mate” to practise on to become more comfortable with the piano. If we can just teach them how to make the right piano playing habits come naturally to them, it will make a difference.

How can you feel when you are practicing the right way?

Like a pianist who has really mastered a song. You are learning a new skill while you’re working on it, and you’re very proud of yourself for how you’ve done it.

How are you doing compared to your teacher?

I did it all by myself because I have to be the one who doesn’t learn the melody and chords from scratch.

What has been your favorite piece of music this year?

The music that inspires me most these days is the music that came from the film Sully… The sound of it filled me with so much emotions… There are so many emotions that you can get from it because it is a film that deals with the very difficult and very powerful subject that is humanity.

Where did you find the inspiration to write this blog?

It came from a series of dreams that I’ve had about my future as a pianist. I’ve been writing these dreams in my head for many… I think over 40 years. I had the feeling that something very important was happening to my body and my mind.

What is the one thing you are not good at and that you wish you could learn more about?

I don’t know what the “one thing” is, but I know that I want to play the piano well. That is my passion.

Do you have a favorite piece of music that you’ve learned so much from this year?

We did a live recording