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You will need the following tools to prepare for the new lesson session:

a musical instrument

an instrument that is tuned to piano standards (or is close to piano standards)

A piano sheet and sheet music of the music or scales you want to practice

a practice sheet or lesson notes

Why do I see a blank playing screen when I play the scales when I listen to the music in my car?

This is normal, and it happens because you need to learn new scales as you progress through the lessons. You can either practice with a live piano or play on your own computer.

How can I hear your newest tracks?

The new tunes are available to you on a website that contains a list of new piano lessons that will help you develop your musical technique, musical knowledge and vocal technique. You can listen to all of the new tunes and the ones that have already been developed in your current lessons.

What is the difference between using a DAW or a sequencer to learn to play piano?

In the previous lesson, we discussed how a DAW is a method, and how we use it to create our own music and composition. As such, it is possible to use an DAW to play new tunes and tunes that have already been created in your lessons. However, using a DAW to add new music to tunes which you have already done will make it harder for you to listen to your favorite tunes while still retaining control over the keyboard. You are required to use a sequencer when you need to listen to your music as it is being played by a live musician.

What does the DAW stand for?

A DAW is a musical editing and composition software, such as Ableton Live or iZotope Ozone, that creates and plays music online and from your computer. The term DAW is sometimes used loosely, such as the “music creation suite”.

What is the difference between using a MIDI keyboard to play scales and using a DAW to play piano scales?

It is possible to edit the keyboard of your computer keyboard to play scales or chords of the same scale in your software of choice. A DAW is used to add the scales, and then you can use MIDI (short for Musical Instrument Digital Interface) to play them.

What do I need to do with this lesson lesson plans?

To download the lesson plan, download one or more individual lesson plans from our website.
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