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How do I learn an instrument?

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I wrote a blog for the NY Times about the importance of being a leader in the world through science, which I thought I ought to put together in another post here, but as I had not seen any more recent posts I thought that I would do it here first.

So here it is! In less than 3 paragraphs, here are some of the things I was able to do at my university through science. I know that this is fairly basic, but if I have any advice for anyone, it would be to learn to be a better leader through your studies!

My experience as a leader in this field has been incredible so I will provide some examples of things that I got to do, and why I got to do.

The most obvious being what is called an ‘initiator’. An initiator is someone that has an interest and passion about something, and who wants to take steps like that when the opportunity arises. It is this type of person that will make the decision to do something or create a system like this. My first and foremost example for a leader in this area would be the man that I will always remember as the first person, to get into the area that I was in.

In my case, when I first joined my department, I had an interest in the psychology of animals. In my last two years, this interest was piqued into a new level, and now that I have the opportunity to do something that I really love, and that I believe in, I am even more determined to make my contribution in my department and our group (in which I have a strong interest in psychology).

Another example of something that I could do was when I came to my first conference, there was a speaker who wanted to know if I was in a position to make some changes in my department in order to make it more friendly for animals. I was in the best position of anyone to make an impact and my best chance for doing so.

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The fact is that I believe that the more interested those of you are that go into your field of study or study in your department, the more likely you will make an impact or lead by example. It could be in writing papers or in getting other faculty/student to write or discuss papers.

There are also many people that you could be

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