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How do you keep a piano upright? These are all questions we ask before we pick a piano for the piano roll. There are a lot of reasons to pick an instrument for the piano roll so we’ll use one of our favorite examples: the B.C.S. Chorale, which is a great example of what it takes to excel in a music industry that is not about salesmen to sell your soul as a commodity to investors.

For those who don’t know what the Chorale is we’ll explain as follows (we love to show videos of musicians in the Chorale so keep an eye on your social media):

Yiruma - Destiny Of Love Free Piano Sheet Music | Learn ...
“The B.C.S. provides a classical choral choir with an opportunity to show their own music to the public. All the members of the band, orchestra and chorus are part of the B.C.S. choral ensemble. The Chorale plays a variety of choral songs and includes musicians that have the ability to sing both English and Japanese instruments, as well as the ability to play a wide variety of styles from classical to pop. The Chorale is also a non-profit organization supported by the community of North Point.” (Wikipedia)

So, I think you get the picture. The reason we’ve chosen you as one of the great piano pickers in the world is because you’re both a certified professional and are able to do this without fear, anxiety or worry. Why? Because you’re a real professional. When you take piano lessons this is the guy you want to be. His name is John and he’s been doing this for 14 years in North Philadelphia with the help of his wife, Kelly. Kelly also serves as Music Director of The Chopin Family Charities and will assist with all of your Piano roll piano pickers needs.

We take piano lessons at our Piano Roll studio as part of our work as pianists. In fact there is a piano roll piano learning center we use regularly for piano picking practices. It’s free, very organized and includes all the equipment you’ll need, including pianos. Our instructor is very patient with our piano picks so you can learn fast and focus your learning on what you need to get better. What else do you need for your piano roll piano pickers. Well, there is a book! You’ll find that most of the books we’ve featured are not only available, but are available for a really good price. And yes, the piano picks are available here too.

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