How long does it take to learn piano by ear? – How To Learn Piano Notes

When are the best time for your kids to start learning to play?

I’ve heard it all – you have to start somewhere, but to what and how?

I’m interested in the question of whether or not it is better to just start with a kid than you could ever do by yourself.

“I don’t know if kids are smarter than me. I think they’re more like me – the kids are more willing to try new things, they have confidence, and they have a little bit of a higher tolerance level for failure than I do.”

He’s right, of course; he’s talking about our propensity to try new things, and for kids, learning piano is a whole lot more challenging than for us – I mean, if we could learn piano by ear on our own, we might start out at kindergarten, and by the time we get there we would be so bad that we wouldn’t have any chances to learn anything useful at any age.

However, it’s really not clear to me when or how we get to the point where we “have confidence” and “have a little bit of a higher tolerance level for failure”, so for that matter, it’s not clear to me whether kids are any smarter than me, or whether we’re more like each other.

I think the best comparison for this is learning to drive – the reason we have a high tolerance for our car’s occasional slips is not because we’re smarter (although we are more likely to be driving more carefully). It’s because we have a very low tolerance for things going awry, that’s why you learn to drive by trying it out on a road at a school run.

That said, it does seem as if kids, as an immediate consequence of their lack of “fear of failure”, are much quicker at mastering new skills and getting good at them after a year or two of play-by-ear.

“There are a couple of very big things happening in all of this… we’re all being bombarded, not necessarily through a traditional education system, but through social media, with videos and blogs on everything from eating out to having an affair… the internet is basically a way to build up the expectation of what good quality music is, what good music should sound like.”

We could just as comfortably talk about a lack of ‘fear of failure’ as a lack of ‘fear of failure’, because at least, we don’t use internet sites to learn

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