How many hours a week should I practice piano? – How To Learn Piano Without A Piano Youtube

This depends on the style of music you’re teaching. People who want a more difficult style of music can benefit from a lot more practice. People who are more comfortable playing classical music, for example (which is more of a mellow music), need less time than people with less experience.

Should I give my teacher a schedule?

Yes but not if your teacher offers a more structured schedule. If your teacher is more of an in-betweeners than a planner, you should probably just let them do what the music dictates.

Have you found that your teacher isn’t interested in taking a class?

Good news! Your teachers may not be interested in taking a class because they can’t get enough practice with you. Don’t fret — there’s always room for improvement. The goal isn’t to be a good piano teacher or to perform more than you’re capable of doing — it’s merely to keep improving your music. If you can’t improve your music, your music teacher won’t be interested. It’s not that hard to get back to being a regular pianist, but it’s not going to happen if you’re constantly taking piano lessons that you don’t want to play.

What should I do if my teacher isn’t interested in a class?

If you feel that your piano teacher doesn’t really want to take you on a more structured schedule, you can try using the free time you have.

You might want to schedule time for just one class per week (like 1-2 hours), or go at your own pace: if you’re doing 20 or more piano lessons per week, I suggest you move slowly and with regularity.

Another approach is to schedule time for yourself. You can work with a personal coaching assistant to develop your skills, or you can do it at your own pace. This way you’re getting more specific than someone who wants a ton of practice and is likely to be more focused on the quantity rather than the quality of your progress.

Should I keep my teacher apprised of my progress?

If you’re really enjoying the music teachers are giving you, do keep an eye on your progress! You don’t have to be consistent, however. If one of your teachers gives the impression that they aren’t impressed with your improvement, make it known! But remember that your piano teacher will have their own standards and expectations, so they may not see this as a big deal. If you just feel that something is wrong,

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