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Reading keyboard music notes opens new worlds
The average American spends between 1,500 and 2,500 hours per year playing the piano (according to a study conducted by the National Symphony Orchestra in Boston, and published in the Journal of the American Medical Association in 2008), a considerable amount for someone who has not studied music education or piano piano skills. If you are serious about studying music, it is in your best interest to spend more time practising and listening to music.

What is the ideal playing temperature?

As stated earlier, the ideal temperature for performing to the best you can will vary from person to person, from person to person, from person to person. So there are many factors that can directly affect how you perform and how you feel.

The ideal playing temperature can range from a warm, comfortable playing temperature; to very cold, frigid playing temperatures. That’s why we suggest that you practice and listen to music, not only at a warm temperature, but also at a cool temperature where you’re not so bothered by the temperature changes.

Is practicing music better than playing a musical instrument?

It’s hard to claim that it is “better” or “worse” to practice music than to play an instrument. I know plenty of talented violinists that can play fine music while playing a guitar or a banjo. And musicians out there, those that can play good classical music, all the time? Those are amazing performances and great achievements.

What exactly are the effects of music training?

Music training is like any other form of training – there’s a reason we call it “training.” But there are lots of different results that you can achieve simply by listening to music or playing music for a period of time. You can improve your ability to read music, change your temperament, improve your ability to concentrate, improve your ability to play an instrument, or even improve your overall performance.

What are some of the benefits that we’re taught as piano teachers?

Music education is such an important part of the overall education and performance of our students that teachers often put a special emphasis on developing our piano students skills of reading the music and learning how to sing melodies.

We often have teachers go through some of the classical music lessons and learn how to read and sing. These are not only skills that are important for teachers to teach our pupils, they help our pupils develop in many areas as well.

One of the biggest effects of music education is to develop self-esteem. If you know

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