How many hours a week should I practice piano? – Learn Piano Free Pdf

In the last three years you should have practiced a very limited number of hours. On a given day you are likely to play the piano for the bare minimum of two hours to two hours and a half and play a certain number of minutes a day. After that you should practice at least for as much as seven hours and one day and after that, more. For a beginner this figure should be roughly twenty hours per week! It is very easy to find teachers who are willing to help you develop as a pianist. In fact, there are often hundreds of free online lessons available on a piano keyboard.

Does playing the piano affect my mood?

Playing the piano certainly doesn’t affect your mood, but playing a full concert or a chamber piece doesn’t mean that you are not playing your body, mind and soul. If you go to a club or concert hall and sit down to play, it is likely that many people at the table will be very moved and happy to have you there, but it is very likely that you will be very bored at the same time. The opposite can be true if you go to play in the bar/restroom with friends who you know to be really hardworking and friendly. The same feeling can be attained if you go to a class where you are not expected to “put in work” on the keyboard. Most of the “goodies” at these seminars, like the instructor, are there to teach the students “just the way” and you are expected to do nothing more than listen and smile; and you don’t know what they are talking about. You are expected to just let the instrument guide you while listening, smile and relax.

When should I learn the piano?

If you want the best quality sound from your instrument with a clear tone, then you must learn the piano. It is a long process and it should not be rushed or over-analyzed. Just like the car, it is not the brakes that must be fixed, but they are the part that makes the car a “good driver”.

Can I read music?

The “piano is the best instrument ever designed” is absolutely wrong! Piano playing has not improved over the past hundred years. The piano is an instrument for writing music, not playing it! Learning to play the piano should not be a priority for anyone at any level over 15.

Can my teacher play the piano?

Yes. In most classes there are several teachers who are familiar with

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