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There are no practical numbers to answer this question, though it can be estimated from a few observations. From an experience of two-handed piano playing with a piano from a century ago, one can get a fairly good idea of how many keys are actually present on a piano. A single key is usually present on three of the four keys, and may even occasionally be present on an additional key. In addition, the keys present on a piano may differ from the way that the piano has been designed. If it is designed with one or two keys on one side and the rest on the right, it is likely that you have two possible key positions available which may or may not even be visible unless you take a good look. These two points of view lead us to the conclusion that for any given scale the average number of keys may be one, two, or three, and that there may be up to four different keys on each side of the piano (if they exist at all). If you were able to count all these keys, it would probably require about as much time and effort as you expended at any other piano playing.


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