How many years will it take to learn violin? – Learn Piano Notes Online

It took us a year, so that is how long it takes to master a new skill.

What would you say to the musicians who want to learn to play piano or other instruments?

It is very important to have clear rules in your mind. As you get better you will understand music easier. Once you understand it you can perform it like a professional.

What does it feel like to be a pro? Or one of those players who plays in the top ten and the one who makes it very difficult?

It is hard to describe a professional playing but it feels like being a very good master. It can get very frustrating. In this way the players are like teachers; they give you advice on how to play certain songs.

I’m not a professional but I am pretty good.

Do you think there is such a thing as “too good” or a “too good” instrument?

The more you train with a certain instrument there is less chance you will be able to play something good on your own. I think music is played differently every day, and the same instrument at the same time can play differently.

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