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A very long piano lesson (30-40 minutes) can be fun, but it takes hours of practice to master. Piano lessons can be a great way to learn more about the instrument.

What is your favorite place to learn the piano?

For me, my favorite place to learn the piano is right at home! I like going to local parks and playing the piano. Also, I enjoy learning a range of styles of music such as jazz, jazz fusion, and the blues. I really enjoy being in a community music room and learning music from all different kinds of genres – some of which have very difficult music, like bluesy piano, rock music, or contemporary jazz.” -John

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Is there anything you would like to add about yourself?

“Being able to learn in a quiet setting makes me very happy. I would also like to point out that all of my lessons are conducted by an actual native. It’s a very great opportunity for me because if the instructors didn’t know something, I can’t say something wrong. I can also bring the music and bring in my own voice without any distractions. I also like a quiet place and I have a great deal of respect for Native Americans.” -John

Is there a special place you’d like us to go to for piano lessons?

“If you want some real world time, go see a drum circle. It’s one of those things that helps you get in a groove and have some fun while learning.” -John

We’d like to thank John for sharing all of his unique experiences and insights into the art and culture of the piano, and we appreciate everything you do for our readers!

It’s been a couple of weeks since we first reported that Nintendo was considering the Wii U as a successor to the Wii, and now we’re getting another clue that the company is indeed considering a Wii successor.

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Update (01/02/14): According to this article from the BBC, Wii U might indeed be heading to this year’s E3, although it doesn’t seem too likely that Nintendo would hold another big press conference in conjunction with the show. However, there is some speculation that the Wii U is in fact a hardware-

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