How much is a basic piano? – Learn To Play Piano Chords Fast

We can go on forever about the cost of owning a piano for basic purposes but here is a good reference: (as of September 14, 2007)

Basic piano

There are two ways a basic piano works. The simplest type usually referred to as a stand alone piano, also called a Cello, and the more complex and expensive type.

The first has strings, strings, and a standard piano keyboard and does not use keys. In these pianos, the strings are kept in place by a string nut on the front of the body and a piano strap on the back of the body. A simple stand alone piano can be a guitar or trumpet.

A “basic” piano, when it is a Cello, has a standard keyboard with a basic piano style (click here for all about a Cello piano). The key is the F and the control key is the A.

A “basic” piano is often also referred to as a stand alone piano or an acoustic piano.

How much is a standard electric piano?

The standard electric piano is the one on the left. I have a nice, vintage version from my grandfather’s home. It is called an E-Type and is the most expensive. There is no “keyboard”, just strings on a flat keyboard.

What is an electric guitar?

An electric guitar is just like a regular piano, it is all about strings. However, instead of controlling the sound through an octave on the piano keyboard, the electric guitar uses strings on a fretboard and a pickup. An exception, however, is the Telecaster, which is not an electric piano but uses an electric guitar pickup.

As with a “basic”, electric guitars and pianos both are called acoustic pianos.

What is a stand alone acoustic piano?

A stand alone acoustic piano is one that has a full blown electric piano style, not a Cello or stand alone type piano. They also are called electric pianos.

A stand alone piano is referred to as an E-Type, E, or E-Type. In some cases the name is just a generic term to refer to any piano.

What is a “standard” piano?

To some degree, there are two standards of piano. There are two standard types, electric pianos and acoustic pianos.


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