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I personally feel 2 hours is more than enough. So if you have a small group, I would recommend at least 6 hours to complete all of the songs. I am not a big fan of 5 hour guitar workouts. As a side note I have a little habit of only practicing for 5 minutes a day – and if I can do that for 4-5 hours there is no reason I shouldn’t be able to do it for more!

What am I not doing right?

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First of all I can’t help but feel I am over practicing the guitar. I have a goal of getting a 100% and I am not quite there yet. But when it comes down to it I’m just not that good, and I can feel it. With that said the guitar is by far the hardest thing to learn I have ever done – and I have done it many times over – but if I stop playing it is only at the very end – and that is a sad way to feel, especially when you already know you could play that hard. As I said before, I would recommend taking a break, especially if you are new to the guitar. That way you can actually work on the skill and not get frustrated.

Do I need something heavy, like a guitar or piano if it will get in my way?

Yes, you most certainly do as long as it isn’t heavy and makes you too uncomfortable for you to play guitar. You will probably find you get better when you practice with a lighter tone if you don’t. But as long as you can get it in your mind that what you are practicing is going to become a really nice playing guitar you are in for a nice lesson! This isn’t to discourage heavy guitar practice, that’s fine because I can think of many guitarists that want something heavy to practice with (even a real piano!) but most guitarists should just be practicing for what they are interested in – getting better at the skill to which they are trying to improve.

For me the hardest part of any guitar practice is setting up the set up. When you practice it’s very important to keep things simple. If you use a guitar tuner or a multi tool – get a really good set up that allows you to move the tuner from fret to fret and back again quickly. That will allow you to play the songs really quick but allows you to get your fingers used to it quickly too.

Now that you have figured out playing a guitar you now can learn

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