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Yes. But it’s also good to learn other keys for your guitar so that you won’t be learning the wrong one. You’ll just learn different chords. Also, I also found that my left hand can play the same guitar chords that my right hand can. I’ve always heard this way. In a lot of cases, if two people pick up the same instrument, it makes sense for them to pick the instrument they know best. I believe this is true especially for guitarists who have a high range, so it could be beneficial to learn the guitar’s lower range in order to get used to the guitar’s upper range if you start off new with the upper range.

I’ll be playing blues guitar soon! Which technique would you pick to solo in blues?

I really like to play on the low end as well, which is when the fretboard is thinner. I find that if I try hard enough, my sound will just get deeper, so I have to keep going lower and lower.

What is the secret to guitar tone?

That depends on what kind of guitar you are playing. If it’s an open back model like my Les Paul Custom (a traditional guitar with a single coil humbucker), then you can always just add a single coil to the neck without any modification. But then that’s just too fussy and that’s boring. So the other day I put that in an old vintage Gibson SG which I have at home.

You had a lot of success playing a lot of soloed instruments. Do you ever get down on your knees and worship instruments like your Yamaha acoustic, a guitar, or a piano?

You know, I don’t really do that much. I’m a pretty laidback guy. Actually, when I started playing, I had no idea of the kind of work it took to be a guitar legend. I probably would have been happy playing a bit more than 10 hours a day. There have been days when I’ve wanted to quit.

Are there any particular artists that gave you inspiration to be a part of the music world?

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I think every musician is drawn to what they can do with instruments, either live or in the studio. I don’t want to sound too cocky, but I think many people have great inspiration from an old blues guitarist. For instance, the first guitar lesson I ever took had a young man singing in an old man’s voice. I was so dumbfounded. Later in life I

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