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The number of women on trial for the murder of a 21-year-old British woman found murdered in the Mediterranean in July could nearly double if her killer is convicted of attempted murder.
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The woman’s body has never been found, and a man arrested in the slaying told police he helped rescue the woman, identified only as Sarah, from the Mediterranean port that year.

But now police are trying to prove that he helped with her murder with a second charge: attempted murder.

If convicted, the suspect is the first ever charged with the crime of attempted murder in Malta.

After the 22-year-old’s body was found in July, police investigated and were led to the 22-year-old, who is currently in custody.

Her murder case is expected to be moved to the British High Court on Monday. The man arrested in the crime also faces the murder charge.

The arrest on July 26 of the man, who was not immediately named, came after the prosecutor in the case met with lawyers representing the woman and a detective.

The man, who has a girlfriend and child, met his lawyer on July 23 in the Maltese justice ministry in The Hague, where prosecutors wanted to press the man over alleged help in the murder.

When the Maltese prosecutor informed the British High Court earlier this month about the latest developments, it asked for more information on the investigation.

“The Maltese prosecutor has since informed the British High Court that there are not enough suspects in the crime case and that additional evidence would be useful,” the court said in an earlier statement.

The Maltese prosecutor said in a statement late on Friday that she “stands ready” to provide additional information, but did not elaborate.

The British judge heard from the prosecutor of the case in the British District Court in The Hague last week.

It showed that the victim’s phone and laptop, and what was found on the girl’s body were all linked with the initial victim identification.

She told the court that it was possible that the man had helped the woman in her death, although she said he had no motive for the murder.

The British judge told the man that if found guilty of the murder charge, and the attempted murder charge, it may