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If the guitar and piano both require precise execution they should probably be considered as separate disciplines. Some people play with only one instrument, but a more common practice is to combine them with different instruments.

Here is a brief list of some common guitar soloing styles, but don’t forget to check out these awesome guitar chords to learn how to solo with both guitars and other instruments.

Chords & Modes

How to Play These Guitar Chords

Most of the guitar chords are pretty similar to the chord changes of music because that’s the way chords go. You can play all these guitar chords in the same way that you play the same chords in music, that is to say you can play the chord by playing the root note of that form of the chord, or you can play a bar of notes, which you can do with an F, G, B or any other number of different chords.

But if you play the guitar in a more classical and melodic style, instead of playing the chord as a single note, you might do something like this.

Chords & Modes

Using different modes is a good way to change your fingerings and to move from harmony (which is the same as the chords in music) to different chords.

If you play one scale or one kind of chord in each of these modes, that will make an interesting harmonic sequence. Just try it!

Chords & Modes

Some guitar guitarists use the different modes like this.

You can play all these modes in different ways.

Chords & Modes

Using all these guitars together will make a fun guitar solo.

Chords & Modes

This is actually a nice way to solo with the major 3rd.

This is the same chord that you play in all those famous rock songs like “I Want You” or “It’s So Easy” so it helps to build a nice melodic solo using all those chords.

Other common guitar chords to learn:

The Major 7th

This is a really cool and simple chord, you can use it in all possible ways, and you can play it in any key.

Chords & Modes

Major 7th Triad

You can use this chord very similar to the Minor 3rd, it can work similarly or it can totally change the feel of your solos.

Chords & Modes

Melodic 3rd Fingerings for Jazz

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