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A: I’m only 30, and there are some things I’ve only just started doing, but I get a lot of things right. I want to learn as much as I can. My teacher once asked me if there’s a special skill that I’ve got, where it’s a lot easier for me to do than others. I can play the piano if you know where you get it. Then I did a one-man show in Tokyo, and all of the parents were there. They said, ‘Why do you want to learn to play the piano?’ I said ‘Because it’s like when you’re going to Japan with your friends, and you don’t know what to play, and you meet someone and you want to meet them.’

Q: You’ve performed alongside the likes of John Petrucci and Jonny Greenwood, and you had the chance to work with the legendary producer Phil Spector. Was that a thrill for you?

A: I’m happy that I’ve been able to get to work with Phil. I’ve been in the music business for 20 years, so I’ve met people like him and people like the Stones and Elvis, and I’m very, very impressed with that because he just shows up. I’m not in the business for years and years, and when I meet people, I want to do it more often than not because they all have different levels of things they can do. So you’re not in that business to be around for 20 years. At one point in the ’70s, I had done a lot of commercials. So you kind of become a commercialist. It’s a good environment to have an artist on your team and have his or her creativity come out to the business. But Phil’s not just a commercialist, he’s the guy who came in and said, ‘We want to give you all the money we have coming in, and we’re going to work the best we can to turn it all into a record.’ So he was a huge part in the formation of the Beatles and being a part of that group, as well. I’ve had a lot of good conversations with Phil. I think he’s always known me from those years—the days of when I was in commercials. So I think he’s been able to pick up on that.

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As far as his music going on today, I guess it is like he told us: Whatever came out today will be out tomorrow. I guess he got what he wanted out

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