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Yes. Do your students struggle with basic concepts like cadenza? Yes. What is a good time to take the piano lessons? In the morning, at about 8:00, when students are going to be out of class.

3. What do you teach? (Piano Lessons – $99.95/month). This is a piano teaching service designed to support your piano teacher with the daily teaching of your student. They also include a full course of lessons to help you with your teaching.

How does the cost of the course compare to others out there with the same type of piano lessons? My piano teaching services can generally be said to be the lowest cost when compared to other piano lessons services, the best time being at the very beginning of the class.

4. What is the piano lesson fee?

My piano lessons can cost anywhere from $99.95 to $199.95, which is the standard rate. That doesn’t include an $80.00 consultation fee.

How much money does it cost? My prices are in US dollars.

5. What is the first lesson cost?

The first lesson for someone as inexperienced as your student is normally free, but the fees will depend on how many lessons you plan to take, the number of lessons per week, and the number of students at your home. As they say in the business world, you never know what you’re going to get.

For $99.95, you could have one piano class every day and do not lose a dime!

6. What is the second lesson cost?

If you think this is too steep, then you better not have had any beginner lessons at all or your student could be hurting for money. You need 2 piano lessons for a total of 4 hours to properly teach one student piano. Even though your student will receive a better music lesson if they have only had 1 lesson this way, you need 2 lessons to properly teach them one piano. Therefore, the next lesson is $99.95 which may seem like a good value, but it might not be because you can only use it again if you have a new student.

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What do you do if your student complains about how much money they paid? They can keep their original payment unless they do not want to continue with the course as it has not been used enough.

What happens if your student doesn’t take the piano lessons and you still want to continue? Do you make another payment

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