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The world needs a world class, non-partisan education and research system, not a school funding system based on a profit-driven model with the top 20 percent of the population getting a slice of the cake. To start, the nation’s public schools need a real “school tax credit” in place. But at nearly the same level as the “tax cut for the wealthy,” the corporate government would get a tax rebate on new investments in school infrastructure. They could then use that cash to offset corporate tax cuts, creating an “equal dividend” for the corporate elite. Not everyone would qualify under this equal dividend policy, but it would make school funding much fairer.

In fact, there are many other ways the new taxes could be used to pay for all of this. The biggest of these is to address the most important education problem of our time – the continuing shortage of teachers. There are around 300,000 teachers in America right now, of whom over 80,000 are in the schools. But over half of all teachers in this country do not attend any of the public schools they teach at, and only 3 percent attend any colleges. That means nearly 80,000 teachers – half of which do not know about them – are working in our schools without even knowing they have a chance to get a job there.

Our current education system has allowed our students to suffer from inadequate instruction. Yet it also is responsible for allowing teachers to keep their jobs when they should not have been able to stay with their current job, if they did. It’s the largest employer in our children’s lives, the biggest factor in their ability to graduate (and ultimately thrive as well), and they can make that choice for themselves. But for many of our students, especially minority, low income learners in our most troubled urban schools, the choice is very hard. To make matters worse, many of our schools are run by administrators with no experience in instruction and education. The teachers are often low paid and barely capable of supporting the students their students should be supporting. But the most common explanation for this problem is that schools are not well supported with resources that we provide in our schools.

This country needs a real education system that places a strong emphasis on student success.

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