Is it hard to learn piano? – Beginner Piano Sheet Music Free Online

No. We have so many kids. We have so many people from our neighborhood. I have a son and a daughter. I just go over with my son and my daughter, and we have a little piano and a bunch of people play together. If they are too good to the neighborhood, they play there in the yard, and they have fun.

Why did you want to pursue music?

When I got here, I got into tennis and I really was not good at all at tennis. I couldn’t make singles. It was tough. So when I got here at East High, which has a piano class, and I was like, “I’m going to get into piano.” Well, they had just opened a piano in the gym. So, I took piano and then went on to tennis. At first I got into classical and I played at the East High School Orchestra, and it was great. I was good at classical and we were playing together at tennis tournaments and all the stuff like that. Then I got into jazz and I started going back to church piano and stuff, and I got really good at that. And then I got into jazz and classical and piano.

Do you play the piano in church?

Not really.

You don’t play the piano in a church?

Not really.

Tell me about the congregation.

We have an orchestra in town. We use to go at once before we go to the church because they have a church piano for piano lessons. And they used to be a really good band, but one by one, they stopped because their drummer stopped, and then the pianist stopped because he quit teaching himself to play the piano or something. So the congregation decided to just use a good band. All the musicians have to agree to play the piano together and the choir needs to learn to play the piano together, and that’s how it’s gonna be. And they said, “Oh, no, no, no.” Because the church is the bigger orchestra — we play the same music, but the church is the bigger orchestra. And so we play the same music that the church plays, but not the same song. And, so we got really good at not wanting to learn all those things.

Tell me about working in an opera house and what happened there.

Well, I started there in the fall of ’72, and I worked for a year on a production of Die Fledermaus

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