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Yes! For years, I played with my sisters. When we went to music school—as young adults—it didn’t take me long to learn.

When should pianists study piano?

We all know that practicing for at least three years is very important—but the problem is that most non-piano students don’t study for many hours, let alone that long.

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The only way to learn an instrument is to play it. That’s what the pianist does: learns music, teaches it, and then practices. Even if you are playing with a partner, you are practicing together with another person.

What are the benefits of piano over any other musical instrument?

Most all major piano works, including Schubert’s Opus 110, are considered classics, at least in their era. In an era of more modern music and instruments, classical piano is still considered superior. For these works, which are considered difficult, people tend to give up on the piano and try to learn some other instrument in the meantime.

Piano players and parents should be able to understand that it won’t be possible to learn these works all by heart.

How can children and adults improve their pianistic skills?

One way is to listen attentively on the keyboard, by playing and trying to play, as closely as possible, something different from what they hear on the record or on television. Another means is to learn how to play a lot of different types of pitches in a certain way.

For example, in this age, people have a hard time learning how to play all the notes in minor on a C piano. If you practice on a C piano, you’ll quickly learn this way.

As a rule of thumb, people need at least three to five hours per week, and sometimes an hour or more.

Does playing music keep you in shape?

Yes! In any country, all ages and social classes find it easier to play music, especially those who are younger. When a friend has difficulty with a piece, I sometimes make a quick recording of it for them (it’s very important when playing with young friends!) It helps immensely.

Do you play any other instruments? If so, do you practice them?

I am interested in the piano, but not in any other instruments. I rarely use a keyboard or electronic playing.

Do you practice piano in your spare time?

Yes, I sometimes practice

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