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Is that what you want?”

“Well, I don’t know what learning to read is, but I think if I tried learning a new language there’s a good chance I would not succeed.

“You need to take some time and do it properly and understand what you’re learning when you do it. What is a child to do, sit in front of a computer and press the letter you want to study and learn how to do it by the end of the day. That’s not learning to read, that’s not learning to write.

“I’ve learned to read by looking at pictures on pages, but not well enough to write. And if I’m going to learn something new by looking at pictures, the only way is to write a poem and then read it. But if you have a picture of the word then you have to write that out.

“You need to start early in life and do it properly. Take time to learn a language. I went to a language school, which was the greatest thing I ever did.

“When I was four or five I learned German. They taught us to write German, and I learned it well. I’m still learning English but even so, I’d like you know I speak English a little better now than I did then.”

What is a child in a car?

“Well, they’re in a car and it’s in a garage. If you look up on the map in a garage they’re all over. Most of the time they’re either parked at a shop or at their grandparents’ house.

“I’m sure if I’d known there was a car park in a church, we would have walked up and walked down and had some tea and biscuits so they could learn to put one leg in front and the other behind to play a game called ‘buzzard’!”

Did you ever do anything illegal?

“No, and, I mean, I didn’t do it intentionally but my dad did.”

What do you think of kids buying cannabis?

“It’s probably something that they have to wait their turn as long as they can get it. They’re not allowed to buy the stuff because it’s illegal. The best they can get is to give they get a little money over to be able to buy it, but they have to wait. At the moment, cannabis is too expensive for them to buy.

“I’ve met them, they

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