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Piano lessons are fun! The best way to learn piano is to find an appropriate tutor in your area, who has a track record helping students become more confident. If you don’t want to spend your spare time with teachers offering you tutoring, you can still learn from good books on piano. They’re far more likely to cover the basic theory you’ll need.

Why do I need a piano teacher?

How to Learn to Play Piano on Your iPad
You’ll learn a lot faster if you have a good teacher. A good teacher can help you find the correct keys and practice the way you hear yourself playing music.

Should I bring a friend?

The best students in some classes aren’t interested in helping students with someone who won’t play with the same sense of comfort. You might learn more if you take your friend along with you. When you join a class taught by a teacher with whom an actual professional pianist can play, you’ll learn from them as well – which means you’ll have more time to play with a friend on your own.

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