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Piano lessons come in many styles and most teachers are either “in” teachers or “out” teachers. If someone is a regular “in” learner, then he may have some basic skills to put into an instrument and learn quickly. If in someone else’s shoes where they “out” teacher, they probably have a bit more experience and are more focused on the practical aspects of the lesson.

This page contains a brief description of how much a student will need to know when starting a piano lessons. A person’s level of skill at the piano is often influenced by a number of factors such as how much time they spend on it, how much self-discipline they maintain and what skills they learn as they play that day.

If you’re thinking of buying an instrument, check which style of piano they have, which lessons are offered and what type they come with and compare that to what they can expect to have to learn when starting a piano lessons.

There are two main groups of students in the piano world: those who are “in” teachers, those who are “out” teachers

If you are thinking of buying a piano or going through a lesson:

Do you have enough money already?

Are you a ‘one off’ type who will move on if you don’t work hard enough?

Are you comfortable in the piano yourself?
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Are you a student who has a bit of an ‘adventure’ in trying to learn the piano?

Are you in a position where you want to learn new piano pieces and play them in an organised way? What kind of teachers can you expect to work with? What kinds of lessons is it likely you’ll get?

The more time you spend on a piano teaching, the easier it becomes but the more you get involved in your lessons and try to work with a few instructors to develop a sound. There are a lot of ‘in’ teachers but most of “out” teachers are not very experienced or very well organised.

What you will need to learn

Here is a summary of what you will need to know to start learning a piano. If you are not sure what you’ll need to know, start here.

For each piano lesson, you will need some time and money.

A sheet music library (which will include many kinds of music from various genres, including traditional, jazz, modern, latin, opera and more).

A teacher to tutor you

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