Should I get a 61 or 88 key keyboard? – Best Learn Piano App

Yes, but at a high cost. The 91 key version of the LSI 70950-2G is only available for about $110 – while the 81 key version costs a bit more but sells in the 80s. If you just want the keyboard with a 61 key layout, the 61 key version isn’t that much more but will be more work. (I’ll post an example where this is applicable for the case if you don’t understand it.)

What are the top/bottom keys for?
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These are actually the left and right shift keys – and if I’m not mistaken they are labelled 1/1 in the keymap below. If you want the left shift and right shift respectively you’ll have to buy those separately (and make sure to get the right size and shape).

Will the keyboard be keyboard-compatible with my current laptop?

It depends on what you’re going to be typing, but yes. Currently there are keyboard drivers for most of the older laptops – and a few newer ones with the same functionality. They also will work with a bunch of new laptops (some with integrated touchscreens which aren’t built with keyboard driver support). Note however that not all laptops will have the required software for these drivers – be prepared to either purchase the driver (or wait a while and possibly lose your warranty)

How can I get my keyboards back if they don’t survive?

I’m sorry, but my keyboard is a joke. At least you get what you paid for. I just got mine about a week ago so they are not cheap (usually $60-$90). I know people who don’t even get their keyboards back, because they are just too used to their keyboards with no modifications needed. They even don’t have to re-make them to look or work the same as the day.

But this isn’t about the keyboard, I’m more worried about the case – does anyone have any recommendations for one? I can’t believe the keyboard is still getting to this point.

If you’re on the fence over how much to spend, go out and buy a keyboard. Don’t hesitate, do it now – especially if it comes in a case like the one above. It will save you a lot of money for good keyboards down the line. 🙂

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