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For the past few years we’ve seen a series of high profile arrests that raise questions about the accuracy and completeness of police reports. Police reports have also been subjected to serious scrutiny in relation to their accuracy and the integrity of the witnesses they are intended to assist. The police in fact appear to be engaging in a pattern of misreporting of incidents that do not meet their high standards of reporting. In many cases we know this because the incidents are not properly treated in the reports of the relevant officers involved.

The recent release of the police data from Met Police Commissioner Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe shows that police in Greater Manchester have made an alarming 41% increase in the number of recorded incidents of criminal damage by motor vehicles (see this page and on this page which includes detailed analysis that also includes the data from the Met and the police themselves).

As we have previously mentioned, the police data in this report also shows an increase in the number of incidents recorded for non-vehicle crimes, an increase that is in fact not recorded by the Met or their police partners but that is nonetheless alarming given the high number of motor vehicle-related offences and theft of property. There is more to the story than simply the police reporting of motor vehicle attacks in the past few years.

We have previously reported how the police were systematically misrepresenting motor vehicle incidents in the case of ‘high profile’ victims such as children, young people, and the elderly – all of whom the police themselves have admitted were not victims of crimes that they were falsely reported to the police. The latest case of this malpractice was revealed by Professor Simon Clarke in a research paper (see here).

The police appear to be deliberately misrepresenting their own data in this regard. In addition, the data show that the vast majority of incidents never go to court and the vast majority of these are not prosecuted and that no significant increases are being reported to the courts.

These alarming developments must be seen in the context of ongoing serious criticisms of the police on these issues, which have been widely reported in the media. Here are just some of the relevant news stories.

The BBC has reported that “Police misconduct report shows most motorists ‘never complain’. Why? Because the police don’t want to be held responsible”.

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The Independent (London) ran

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