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I hope that answers your question as it should, especially because you are so smart and you are going to need to ask a lot of other people who are using the same keyboard for the first time. We’ll come back to the piano next week and do another live Q&A, including this one!

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” ” The key issue in the culture war is: what are we? Are we Christian? Are we secular? Or are we both? —C.S. Lewis[1]

The culture war is a reference to the ongoing civil war that occurs between those who define society and others who wish to redefine society. The culture war is also a reference to the culture wars that have been waged for several millennia.

The concept of a culture war often comes up in different contexts; a “culture war” being a conflict that is between two factions that believe one’s own ideology is superior to all else, and must therefore be implemented in this order to maintain the supremacy of their beliefs. In this case, the two ideologies are:

A fundamentalist fundamentalist who, to some extent, believes that religion is superior and must be enforced to a very extreme degree, and a secularist secularist who, to some extent, believes that religion is inferior and must be enforced to a very extreme degree. The fundamentalists are often viewed as being on the side of the “true believers,” the conservatives, while the secularists are often also viewed as being the “true liberals,” or moderates.

While the terminology of the culture war varies widely depending on what side you identify with, the underlying concept is the same; that there are two dominant groups (Christian and secular) who believe their own ideology to be superior in the eyes of society, and thus must therefore be enforced to a very extreme degree.

Examples [ edit ]

The debate over gay marriage raged between Christians (who were seen as the true Christians by many Americans at the time, and who believed the Bible told them that gay people are sick and sinful) and secularists and progressives (who are perceived by many as “anti-Christ” for believing that religion can control human sexuality and must be enforced to a very extreme degree). Since these two factions seem more divided than even right-wing conservatives think, the term culture war is applied to the issue. In contrast, it is not generally necessary to label the conflict between Christians and atheists as a culture war. In some cases, such as the current fight between the Religious

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