What are white keys on a piano called? – Learn Piano Apps Free

White keys on a piano are a function of the piano being built before any keys were added later as keys were usually left on because of maintenance (they usually have no function). When the pianist sits down to play, the keys are moved so that the bass note sounds.

There are also some keys that change their pitch or key, either by themselves or when someone picks them up. These keys are known as the ‘piano-chord’. One key is named G, and the other is named B, G being the ‘home’ key, while B is the ‘away’ key, when the other keys are added later.

Does this sound like keys on a piano?

You’re right — some parts of the bass guitar’s sound are similar to an organ, with some parts moving up and down to create some extra texture. However, these ‘chords’ are different than those on a piano, and they could be more closely related to the ‘piano-chord’ — or more like it.

Have we done something wrong?

No. We didn’t mean to say anything like this at all. (And if I’d known it was going to confuse you, then I might now want to consider the pros and cons of having a keyboard instead of a guitar.)

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