What is a good age to learn piano?

The following is a list of different age parameters. For a more detailed description, see Piano Age Chart.

Ages 18 to 25

Play piano when it is fun for you and is in your comfort zone. You can continue to play at the piano as many as 5 1/2 years after you have left college.

Age 26 to 55

A pianist entering the workforce at these ages can expect to earn the minimum wage of about $13,000 and continue to work after he or she finishes his or her job.

Age 56 to 75

You can enjoy long, comfortable career breaks, or you can become a caregiver or a part-time instructor. While you can continue to play piano at these ages, most of the musicians who play the piano at these ages have advanced degrees or work in specialized fields such as the arts, the sciences, or professional sports and entertainment.

Piano Ages and Career Options

The best opportunity to learn how to play piano is in retirement, when your ability to pay continues to decline. These positions offer benefits that aren’t available when you work a full-time job, and you can receive benefits beyond the benefits paid by other workers whose employment is in a shorter period. As you move through career advancement, you can continue to earn higher wages.

There are additional options if you play with a band, dance company, or have other hobbies.

There is a variety of work available from a variety of positions. You will have to decide which works best for you and your needs.

If you are employed you often will still be a pianist. Many pianists consider continuing professional play for several years. However, it is not necessary to perform as a bandleader or to play in a dance group. For all other roles, you can continue to play piano in your free time, when you have time. In the short-term, you can still be a good student or become more knowledgeable about the piano.

Playing Piano

If you want to play piano for a longer period, choose a program that offers several instruments. Some programs allow for practice sessions, while others permit you to play only a particular instrument.

To study for a professional exam, practice with both the instrument you’re playing and another one.

To practice with instruments you don’t own, use an online piano club or study under a qualified teacher. To find out about teaching piano for free and how you can become a teacher