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A small piano is a miniature piano. A guitar, a violin, a piano and an electric piano are all small pianos. They are all smaller than this. A very small piano is something like this.

A small piano plays with an internal speaker. They can be bought on a large scale for about $500.

Another small piano is this.

Another small pianoforte that I built this weekend plays with an internal speaker. It sounds like the kind of tiny piano used in a studio. But no, these are all miniature pianos.
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I recently saw this ad on Facebook and wanted to share my thoughts on it. I didn’t get what I was looking at and was so disgusted and offended by it.

“I will put my life on the line for you”

The ad was for a company called Cossacks:

Cossacks (Facebook)

I did a quick Google search and the name of the firm appears to have been taken from a line by a band called Cossacks in the late 1930’s.

What they tried to say in the ad?

“If you stand for anything it is with us.”

Well, this is a group of people who support the NRA and are willing to do just that (as long as it’s gun control).

The company is looking for young men who will be willing to jump on a train and travel to Mexico, with the aim of assassinating the current President of Mexico, Enrique Peña Nieto.

They are willing to go as far as kidnapping a foreign president to carry out their mission.

Who are they?

I’m from the south and have never heard of them before, so I will be a little less cautious in coming on to them.

They posted an interesting video on Facebook this morning and in it they state that they are in the process of applying to the Department of Interior of Mexico for a permit.

The video opens up with a man claiming to be a member of the group. He explains that the group has always been against any “open borders”.

The young man states “We love the country we call home” and “We hate anything that will affect our culture and way of life” before claiming that the government is trying to take away his freedom.

They will stop at nothing to take away the freedom of the men who are going to go to Mexico – they even claim to have killed one

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