What is the best free app to learn piano? – Learn Piano Software Midi Instruments

My Piano Pro is fantastic for teaching beginners. It’s very comprehensive and well thought out. There are some great apps (e.g. Piano Pro for iPhone X) that are more like learning a musical instrument. It’s a very well thought out teaching site as well.

Can I learn piano on the go?

I’ve found that most players are a bit distracted by other things going on at the time like a smartphone, and so if I’m using it in the car, I usually try to get to the lessons as soon as possible. My favourite apps are Piano Pro, as it’s more focused on the piano keyboard, and is less distracting in comparison with something like Google Play Music.

Does anyone know the secret behind the amazing sounds from YouTube?

Youtube has had a big presence for years, and many composers have used it as a great way to sell their music. It’s actually quite a lot better than it sounds, and it’s got some really amazing effects that you can’t find anywhere else.

I’ve been trying the FFT3 program as well and it works very well for me. I’ve been using a microphone to record me playing piano while I’m working with my phone while at the same time, it’s really easy and straightforward. To find sound on Youtube you need to find it on their site. I’m using FFT from now on. It’s easier than having to look for it.

Can anyone recommend me a good program for learning chords?

For learning chords I like Stitch F (free), and the Pro Keys (Free) and you can listen to my lessons with them here.

Which is the best app to practice piano?

Free, really! There’s an app for almost all the instruments. I’ve also tried to learn more advanced chords via the Pro Keys, free version – it is incredibly detailed, and quite difficult to follow in a short time. I also really like Stitch F for learning chords in general.

Which app can teach you my favourite piano solo?

I’m having a lot of fun with this song “Ebony And Ivory”. Just check out this tutorial here on how to play the tune.

I’m learning a lot of new chords and scales from YouTube, can anybody help me learn them?

If you want to learn a musical instrument like music, you have to know what to learn…so we all have that one friend who is ”

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