What is the easiest instrument to learn? – Learn To Play Piano For Kids

The easiest instrument to learn is a musical instrument as long as you are willing to learn the most difficult one. The most difficult instruments to learn are: Bass, piano, recorder, harp, oboe, saxophone, lute, cello and trumpet.

How many instruments to learn?

FORT WORTH, Texas — A Fort Worth man has won the “best dressed” title of the Dallas Pride festival over his competitors.

Michael Scott-Smith, a 20-year-old from Texas, pulled off the trick Sunday, earning him the title for best dressed by winning a $40 ticket to Sunday’s pride festival, WFAA-TV reports.

Michael Scott-Smith was crowned this year’s Dallas Pride best dressed on May 9. (WFAA-TV)

His friends had to help with the costume while he waited for the right dress (he bought the first one on Craigslist). They wore cowboy hats, blue jeans and matching T-shirts, WFAA-TV reports.

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“I’m definitely going to keep wearing those suits in the future,” said Scott-Smith while on a stage during the festival.

“I didn’t get a whole lot of attention, but I’m really happy that I made such an impact on the day and the event,” he told NBC DFW.

Scott-Smith’s mother, Brenda Stuckey, was a proud mom when she got married to her husband, who is gay.

“This is very special to me,” she said. “I had two daughters on the day, and I got to go to see the parade and see this beautiful parade and that my wife was getting married to a man who is married to a man. It was very special for me to be able to see. It was very special for him to be able to come out and finally be a good husband.”

Check out NBC DFW’s complete coverage of the weekend in our Pride story archive.

MADISON – If Wisconsin Republicans were hoping for some kind of rebound from their 2014 debacle, that might have come in the form of more voters registering to vote in 2018.

But that didn’t happen. According to new data released Tuesday, just 2.1 percent of Wisconsin registered voters said they had moved recently — 1.7 percentage points worse than the 2014 figure.

And yet, in spite of this,

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