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You can’t say it’s the hardest because it’s more than just the instrument, it’s all of the things that go into it that make it fun. And sometimes it’s just the fact that it works for them. So, it could be what’s happening on the board, which is very simple and you can think up a good riff, get the rhythms down, and get in the rhythm. Or, the rhythm could be a solo and they say, “Let me give you a drum solo. It’s not very hard, but it’s really nice.”

Sophie Wilson-Webb, whose work has been praised globally in science, has written for BBC Nature on the biology of human sexual encounters and has taught at the University of Edinburgh.

In her new book, I Want to Make Love to You, she explains how sex differences have been obscured by science, including our brains’ response to touch and how sex can make changes to the brain that are beneficial over time.

In its first edition, Sexuality in the Age of the Brain, published by Yale University Press, Professor Wilson-Webb says:

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We’ve been so interested in the brain’s role in sex and sexuality, and sex as a phenomenon that’s part of psychology more than biology, that we’ve been ignoring one of the most fundamental questions in psychology: what happens sexually around the adult human brain?

In the second edition of Sexuality in the Age of the Brain, the eminent neuroscientist adds:

We’ve seen a lot of evidence that people’s reactions to sexual stimuli and to what they have learned and experienced can change over time. We’ve also seen the effects of sex on neural structure and function.

Professor Wilson-Webb’s book will be discussed and sold internationally in book fairs and in print. The third edition will include two additional chapters based on her current research that she will share with her fellow students.

In addition in this third edition, Professor Wilson-Webb writes a chapter on the evolution of sexual desire in which she investigates differences in sex drive within the human population and beyond. This will be followed by a chapter examining sexual desire in the developing and adult brain. With a new chapter on evolution of sexual desire, The Anatomy of Desire, published by New York University Press, which describes human sexual arousal and the way in which it evolves in humans and other primate species, and will be followed by new research on the evolutionary role of sex, including an

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