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It sounds like a piano.

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You can’t say that about a keyboard. It has to sound like one. You just can’t make a keyboard sound like a piano. And a piano sounds like the keyboard. A sound that has lots of vibrato. Because when you have vibrato on the keys, you can create a lot of interesting sound effects, which really enhances the feel of the music. So I had to give up on the idea of a piano, because that wouldn’t work. So I went for this more conventional keyboard, which really didn’t work with the orchestra at least, but that’s fine. You can change things without having to mess with the whole thing, if you have the right instruments and enough time. When you get down to it, you don’t need an orchestral environment. With sound effects… that might be a good reason to do it, because you’re making sounds that are much bigger than that orchestra piece that you play. But you also have to give your performance time. It is not always going to be an hour. And you really need space for your instruments. I don’t think that you could be too precise by saying, “I want to have two minutes every third beat of the score.” Or anything like that. You really have to give your performance just time enough, and then let the score evolve into something that sounds much better.

I’m sure you’re getting more into it, and I’m really impressed with how you’re learning these little things now which maybe you didn’t think you would learn. I know you did a lot of training with John and John had told me a bunch of these things, that he has a feeling in his heart what you want to convey with the score.

Oh, that’s the point. And I really try to incorporate as much as I possibly can, as you’ve said. So many things to do with sound and the scores. I think it just goes up. The quality of music. It’s not just words. I also had to work with John on some kind of new score with strings, violins, tubas and percussion. And I’m always trying to get new sounds in the score that I hope that the audience will love. Because they love sound! For some reason.

That must be challenging, and you know, really interesting, but difficult from the outside. I’m not trying to belittle it or anything. And I know that in the end you’ll have a better score

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