What should I learn first on piano? – Learn Keys By Ben

If you learn piano by practicing, you’ll learn what sounds good on every instrument, and you’re more likely to stick to a style you like. But most people learn piano by getting to know the way that they feel when playing; that’s what I do. You shouldn’t expect to play piano to be ‘easy’; every skill requires a certain level of training. Learn the basic rules of playing, including note selection, pitch and rhythm, then play them in different settings, until you can feel them well, and have them sound good.

Then you’ve played. You’ve learned how to play, so you’re now ready to learn how to improve your playing.

How do I improve as a singer?

If you’ve only just learned how to sing or if you’re a beginner, you can’t help but think about how you’d improve as a singer if you could learn all the songs, songs you love so much, from scratch.

What is it like being a new writer as a result of a new gig?

You’re getting an earful. Writers are typically treated like athletes, as though anyone can write a great story or lead a team. As long as you are good at giving good feedback and doing what you’re told, you’re okay. But as time goes by, you may realise you’re not.

How could I help other artists?

To be an artist, you’ll have to work hard. If you don’t, the chances are you won’t get hired. If you’re not an artist, you should try to be the best you can be; the best you can be at being able to give good notes to another artist, or a teacher. Your musical ideas are yours alone, do not put anyone else’s in front of you for feedback. If you have questions or concerns, or if there are specific issues that need addressing, you can always start a discussion on Twitter , YouTube, Facebook (or at this link), or your local forum. And if you’re unhappy, then you should probably get out of the business.

But what you hear from your friends, or colleagues, and fans – is that you do good stuff. Why?

There are two reasons. The first is to support your fellow artists and their endeavours as much as you can. If someone else is making good music, support that. If you agree with someone else making good music, support them too.

More importantly, music is an

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