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As with anything, practice is key. As the piano teacher, if you can’t find what you’re looking for on YouTube, look under the piano for the piano videos that are relevant to whatever instrument you’re doing. (I know there are plenty of people who just don’t like to practice because they want to “learn” for no reason and have no clue what they’re doing). I’ve put all of the best resources together on my piano piano lessons site, including piano lessons for children.

I like to start with the most basic things first (because they’re easier and work well).

Basic music theory

Most beginners know music theory (also called theory in music). You learn how to write music (melody and chords) in a couple of weeks if you don’t study music theory (but there’s also a lot less “classical” stuff in music theory). When people study theory, they actually use it to understand what the piano or violin is supposed to sound like and how it is supposed to play a piece of music. They know how a string or guitar works (a lot like how a guitar works).

Piano is somewhat like the violin, with some specific musical nuances which come in at times. For example, how an instrument bends when the strings meet, but not so much as to sound like an ordinary guitar. This means that you can learn to play certain passages of piano music with confidence, and even with some patience. Many people who don’t know chords, for example, learn their chords by memorizing the chords.

So you do know what you’re doing (but it’s not the end of the world!).

For a very basic overview of your piano knowledge, check out the piano-tutor.net Piano Lessons page. You can also check out the piano for music theory book written by pianist, teacher, musician, and piano student, Jody Ochs. In this book, Ochs uses very little piano piano, but explains most piano concepts, and uses some “back of the napkin” techniques to create videos of his students playing with him and trying them out.

So to recap:

You know what you’re doing, but don’t have any good understanding of music theory on your fingertips.

If you are still not good at memorizing music, or if you get bored quickly, try a simple practice practice video (like those I recommend above for piano beginners).

(or like those I

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