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A: The first instrument that you’ll pick up from your teachers for lessons is the fretboard.

B: The guitar is the most useful instrument to learn first. You’re going to spend a lot of time learning it. Don’t do it if you can’t play it. I don’t remember being able to play a tune by myself when I was really young. You’ll have to learn how to play it in order to feel comfortable with it.

C: I like to learn a different note first, then switch back and see if it feels right.

D: Then I play to that, and then go back and play to the other. That’s the whole way I teach.

E: If I learn the fretboard first, I’ll learn the rest of the instrument pretty quickly. If you’re not prepared to have a strong playing arm, you just won’t be able to play.

Question: How should I choose a teacher’s name?

A: My teachers usually give me advice.

B: Don’t give me advice unless you know what is good advice. It would be an unoriginal name. But I do give advice at times.

C: I would give advice if I was a bad teacher. In theory, I’m a good teacher, but sometimes I do bad things.
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D: Never give me advice if you don’t know what the answer is. It’s best to not discuss what you don’t have as often as you should. Some teachers are not good to talk to.

E: Give me an example of a bad lesson you received at the beginning of your career because of some advice.

A: Some of the teachers I have had are not very encouraging. Some are very negative. Some are very aggressive. They don’t offer the kind of help we need.

B: If you don’t learn enough as a kid, you’ll get a negative attitude from the teachers you work with. At least you’ve got a chance to learn something as you go along.

C: Some teachers are very difficult to help. Some are very demanding. Some are not accepting, so you have to prove yourself in the way you present yourself as a musician.

D: You can use some of the questions above to help you choose a teacher. But don’t assume the next teacher you talk to will be the best teacher you’ve been through. You’ll need to ask your instructor about you

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