Which instrument should I learn first? – Learn Piano Free Past First Five Keys

Which is best for me to learn at?

I think you might be more successful learning a single instrument than a multi-instrument approach. Some people want to play a particular instrument one day, then move to a different one the next. While this is more a case of a person wanting to learn the one thing they are passionate about first, there are also other reasons that people don’t follow that rule (such as:

I like doing multiple things at once that make sense to me.

I like getting more out of a single instrument, rather than just a lot of what it offers at a very low cost.

I may not always be sure where to start, but am more likely to have an idea of where I want to start playing a particular instrument, than to be able to do a full overview of a series (like in the “how to learn new things” topic). The only problem with this is that people are less likely to make a huge change to their musical identity if they haven’t made any major life choices that seem to be going in the right direction.

When should I start learning an instrument?

First Piano Lessons: Getting Started - Let's Play Music
Start playing the instruments you think you want to learn very early on. They are going to take a while to learn, and the practice will be the biggest factor in whether they are a success. If you are playing an instrument (music or otherwise) that you want to learn, now is the time to figure out what kind of things you are doing better with the instrument (the more you play, the better you feel) and whether you can do that with more practice (instructions on how to practice are helpful).

When is the right time to start practicing?

Start practicing some exercises at the end of class when you have a little free time. Don’t feel pressured into playing the exercises right away, but they are a good way to get a sense of where you really want to go with the instrument. Practice, practice, practice at least a little bit every day.

When should I stop practicing? Where should I stop?

If you are not practicing that much, you’re not getting into a good place yet. If you want to get into a good place before your instructor assigns you to a lesson, I generally recommend taking more than one class with your instructor. For example, you might want to take a free lesson at home, and then later take a full lesson with one of your instructors. I think the best way to

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