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[laughs] Oh. In classical music, it’s always been harder than whatever else in the orchestra. But I don’t think one or the other is better.

Is it easier to see?

Absolutely. Because I think the light is better there. It’s easier to see light in the dark.

But if you have a bad night’s sleep, then you might have an uncomfortable, blurry night?

It’s like if you went to a movie. People with bad eyesight may still see it, but it may be a completely different experience.

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I’m sure if you sleep for a few hours over a period of time, I’m sure it’ll be better.

I’ve been sleeping for eight hours in the past week. So I think I’ve had better results than everyone else.

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“You want to play ‘Rock Band’? I’ll help you. It looks like ‘Rock Band,’ with the drums (as you say) and the guitar and the keyboard, and that. And then a guitar, with that, just to get that in line with the whole thing. So there are two or three chords, and then the melody, then the rhythms, then each individual instrument, and then that’s what comes into the recording.”

—Mark Ronson on the “Gangnam Style” video

We’ve seen this sort of arrangement before, but the concept is much the same, only there’s a lot more instruments and instruments have been digitally recorded to provide each part with the kind of musicality it needs to work together perfectly. That’s what “Gangnam Style” is all about — the perfect musical balance between music for dance and music for music. It’s no surprise that this sounds familiar, given that “Rock Band”‘s most recognizable and popular aspect is its reliance on the combination of three instruments, two vocals, and drums. But “Gangnam Style” — and the song in general — is nothing like “Rock Band.” There may be six sounds to choose from, but the real key to the song is the arrangement and arrangement alone.

“Gangnam Style” took two years and nearly six million dollars to create, but now is widely considered one of the greatest hits of 2014 — so much so that it’s

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