Are phone cameras better than DSLR? – Learn How To Shoot And Edit Video

No; the photo format is the same. But I personally use a SLR more than a phone—but the camera is more expensive.

I prefer to take pictures at street scenes—if there is something more interesting there, I’ll take a photo of it. I like to photograph in small increments (the smaller the better). If I’m using a tripod, I prefer to capture one photo, and if I’m out and about with little to no shutter speed and a DSLR, I’ll take a couple pictures (usually 2.) When I’m on location in a city, I’ll take lots of pictures.

My preferred method is a tripod and a large format camera, and a tripod that has a large-aperture lens on it. When shooting outside, I’ll usually shoot for 2-3 minutes, and then take the shot I’m looking for. If I’m walking around in my backyard, with my camera and tripod in place, I’ll take shots for at least a quarter-hour, at which time I’ll take a few more, just to refresh my memory and fill up the tank with fresh air. In between takes, I’ll do a quick walk-around to get my bearings and make sure my light and lens work well.

For me, “doing the scene” isn’t that important. What I usually do is take a few shots of people and place settings, and then put a few shots together in Post Processing.

Why Do I Take Photos at City Parks, Picnics, Biking Trails, and The Neighborhood?

You take photos in my community for one reason—to create your own photojournalistic journey. I don’t want to know your life story, nor what led you to take the photo, nor what you hope that other people will see. What I want to know is what your experience in that moment was like.

The goal of a city photographer is to document, document, document your experience throughout your day. I understand that a city photographer’s job isn’t to capture everyone’s story; that’s not why I do it. What I strive for is to capture the experience of a community through my photography—the small details and the big things that make life special for the people that live there.

I want that experience to be in my photos—how a restaurant is decorated on a sunny day—or how an old, faded, and neglected building is torn down, or how one of the residents is busy installing a

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