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No. Can you edit it on an iPhone? No. Can you share it on your Facebook account? No. Do you have access to a computer? No. Are you a programmer? No. What phone does it run on? No. It has 3D capabilities, and you can download it to your computer for free. You see, it’s not a game. It’s an artful, humorous, satirical, and deeply insightful comedy with all the usual ingredients. It’s one of those games that’ll take you all the way to your heart’s content, but also leaves you asking questions.

This game has a pretty strong following on YouTube. You’d think there’d be a game like this at our end of the range, but it is not.

What you’re thinking of is the Super Punch Up, from the late 90s, released on a tiny arcade machine running DOS, although that game is an absolute marvel of simplicity. You use a box with four buttons and a ball in it to punch your way through the colourful but simple graphics.

The punch is represented by a punching bag. By pressing a button a new bag appears around you. It starts out empty, and can be filled with either red dye or orange juice. When you hit a punch bag or the game restarts, the blue dye is removed. You can continue punching until you run out of juice or can’t take any more.
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The game is very simple. You can use the left, right, top and bottom buttons, and the space bar to punch.

For the most part, the game has you punching your way through colourful boxes. There are a number of puzzles that involve turning boxes inside out, which take you through more of the background colours. Many of the boxes are arranged in a similar fashion, and some of the boxes will be marked with a number and number of points, along with other instructions. It’s a very clever use of the 2D nature of the screen.

One of the most interesting features is the use of different coloured bags to aid in the game’s puzzles. Bag A is red, bag B is orange, bag C is blue and bag D is yellow. This allows you to create your own bags and change the colour as the game progresses.

After you clear a level there is a series of puzzles that require you to punch boxes together using coloured bags.

The game was originally released for the Commodore 64, and then a Commodore Amiga version came before the

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