Do music videos make money? – Dslr Video Production

How much does it take to create one? And how do I know if I’m making the right choice? In this episode Mike and Steve get together to help answer these and other questions. Free View in iTunes

35 Explicit #50 – Steve Hausmen, Founder of BiggerBetter & CEO of BiggerBetter The CEO of (the “Bigger” version of Bigger) and founder of BiggerBetter, returns to the show. In his first time on the pod, Steve gives some great advice about how to get the most out of your business. Free View in iTunes

36 Explicit #49 – Seth Raised a Horse, and Will Return to the Show in September, 2017 It’s time to welcome Seth Raised a Horse to the pod! What an epic episode to kick off the show! We talk about the ups and downs of raising a horse, being an independent author, and getting his first book on sale. Free View in iTunes

37 Explicit #48 – Joe Pasternack Joe Pasternack returns to the show! Joe has made a name for himself as a writer, actor, and producer. He’s the host of the podcasts, the blog, the podcast podcast, and the podcast podcast. He’s one tough cookie. Free View in iTunes

38 Explicit #47 – Ryan McVay Ryan McVay returns to the show to talk about his upcoming film “Stolen From Me!”. He has a history with crime and he does it again in “Stolen from Me!” He is a very smart kid, and very funny. Free View in iTunes

39 Clean #46 – Brian De Palma – The Director of “Psycho” Brian De Palma returns to the show! The director of “Bullitt”, “The Man Who Knew Too Much”, and “Taxi Driver” and creator at “Psycho” Brian De Palma gives the gang some advice on how to make movies you really wanna see. Free View in iTunes

40 Explicit #45 – Brian Vos – The Director of “Inception” Brian Vos returns to the show! Our first interview with the director of “Inception”! Brian Vos gives the gang some great tips on how to make films you really want to see! Free View in iTunes

Presentation 2, Part 3 - Film Lighting, Film Noir | Film ...
41 Explicit #44 – David Zatz David Zatz returns to “Inception” to talk about his career in directing and his book “Inception: The Art of the Steal”. We start

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