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Yes, they do! In 2014 music videos made around $1.8 billion, with music video’s making up around 40% of all music production’s. Most music videos don’t even sell enough to fund that much production.

Who makes the money when a song with the title I Love You by Lana Del Rey comes out? It’s basically all the people who pay for the song, including you, the listener. The majority of your song’s profits come from those people which means for every dollar you make, about three dollars is made from the production team and a handful from the record label that released the song.

Are music videos a way to make money without making music? Well that could be a possibility, but I don’t think it’s the case. At least for now. Music videos, like all forms of media, are very hard to make money off as the majority of your time working on a video is spent just getting a shot of an actor doing his thing. Even with the most amazing actors you will not be able to get your hands on any of their money.

Is making money from music videos a new business? Well music videos are still extremely popular and the same companies producing them as before, and still doing them, still make over $1 billion a year.

Will I ever make money from music videos? Probably not. I mean the world has never produced a musician who’s so successful and so lucrative and there’s just no one out there who does it better than Lana Del Rey and probably not at a low price. Also you’ve only been making money for about 10 years so it’s going to take you years to make the kind of money people think you’re capable of making.

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What happens where I live? I live in Los Angeles, California, which isn’t very far. It’s an epic trip from there to New York City though, and that’s about a week. And because I’m not here for a major amount of time I’ll be in LA a lot and I will see all kinds of weird stuff and I’ll be out doing stuff that I wouldn’t normally be doing. But you won’t find me in the clubs either.

Is it possible? If you know someone who sings in the movies or who is in a big band, or have a music video that makes money, do them an amazing favor and tell them to get in touch with some people. They’ll always love you. But the best thing that I’ve done to promote my

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