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How did they become a big market? And why do so many photographers like them so much? We’ll take a tour of their history of innovation and their market dominance on this week’s episode where we’ll also talk about their rise in popularity, and also the biggest trends they’ve been involved in. Get your copies of the recent magazine, which features guest stars such as Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal. We’ll also ask you how to purchase the cameras, and share some of our favorite mirrorless experiences! We love hearing your feedback, and what does it mean to you? Email us at [email protected] And thanks for listening! Free View in iTunes
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8 Clean Mini-Show: The Greatest Photographers by Number: A Conversation with Robert Smith The Digital Piper, Jeff Koons and Peter Kropote, co-founder of Koons Contemporary Photography, answer your questions on the world of photography. This week: We’re celebrating our 10-year anniversary with an episode called “The Greatest Photographers by Number”. Robert Smith talks about the inspiration behind his great portraits, including his famous “The Dream of the Black Rose” (1960), “The Perfect Image” (1968) and “The Dreaming of the Perfect Image” (1964). He shows us what it takes to develop an image for one of his portraits, and shares with us a fascinating story. We chat with the Koons Curator of Contemporary Photography, Peter Kropote about the history of this great collection, and also tell you about new additions to the collection. We also hear from some of our favorite photographers that inspire us and share with you some of their favorite portraits — and if you’re a fan of Koons, this is a must listen! Plus, join the conversation with Jeff Koons, Peter Kropote, and Jeff’s husband, Robert Smith, as they talk a little bit about film as a medium. It’s a very special look into the history of the medium, and we’ll all learn something, too. This week we talk about the future of photography, and also the recent resurgence of interest in photojournalism, and how that inspires us to do our work in that medium. We also welcome guest artist and photographer Robert Smith, whose work we’ve featured a few times — and who’s been in communication with us for weeks so we could join this conversation. Learn more about him on his website at . This is definitely an exciting and fun conversation for

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