How can I learn videography? – How To Shoot A Tutorial Video

In many cases you may have a job that demands you know video production, or maybe you are a student studying a subject you are passionate about. Either way, knowing how to use video editing software, how to capture and edit video, and even how to edit in VLC for the Linux Desktop should be sufficient.

If you are an expert in how to edit video, though, then the questions may be more complex.

The answer is as simple as it gets: use VLC:

I recommend using the Video Editor from VLC which contains a large catalogue of plugins, and with one click you can get your videos edited. All of them are fully professional and fully supported by VLC, and all have been vetted by many users for quality.

I use Avid and Pro Tools at home, and I use VLC to shoot most of my video editing work to save time. The editing of my videos is done with a combination of editing software, and VLC. It is the best video editor for Linux, no doubt (with one exception; I personally use Final Cut Pro X for my footage), and the first time anyone uses any sort of post-production software without having experience in VLC, they will not only find it simple, but also much quicker than other platforms (like Premiere for example).

How will the video end up in the future?

Mostly just thrown into a folder in /home

The video end up on this Youtube page:

This link will upload a .MP4 file for your perusal later: youtube://

What’s new In this version of the tutorial, you’ll learn how to make a simple web application out of a JSON model that you’ve just defined in the previous tutorial.

We’ve started making our web application, and now it needs a RESTful API. So let’s create one, and connect our API to it.

This one’s simple, and it doesn’t really matter – but some tutorials will help you more easily – check the docs for their list of tutorials.

What’s a REST Application?

In this tutorial we’ll create an easy-to-use RESTful Web API, using JSON that’s been formatted for our needs. We’ll add an API

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