How can I shoot better videos? – Shooting Without A Tripod

The only thing you can really do to improve your camera exposure and quality is practice. It’s not just about you. Your camera, tripod and the setting you use will greatly affect the results you can achieve, depending on the settings you have chosen and the quality of your camera and tripod.

Some cameras just might not handle the flash on the other side of the lens, or you might need to use different lighting to achieve the focus you need. I will tell you which settings might help you to bring out details in your shots, and which might not.

In most real life video, the shutter will be automatically on and there will be no shutter release noise. Most of you are probably familiar with the “shutter noise” issue as seen above.

The camera settings above will help you to eliminate or reduce shutter noise if you have an electronic shutter (and there are many electronic shutter cameras on the market). If you need to use a manual shutter release, use “D”-shutter speeds which are approximately 1/4, 1/8, 1/16 sec.

I hope these tips will help you create better and even better examples of video. Be sure to share your tips & your own videos on our Facebook wall! I hope that helps out a bit. Happy shooting!

I just started using the new version of my favorite website to find the most-wanted listings.

So when I saw this one for $1,000, I knew I had to take a look. Unfortunately it wasn’t the hottest or cheapest but I knew what I loved about it: it’s open to the public. I wanted to see what kind of listings it hosted and I ended up with a few that I really liked.

I then decided to take a peek in to see how many other listings were available. I took 5 separate screenshots. This is what I found:

When I checked out, I found this:

This listing wasn’t too popular but it was ranked #1,918 – with an average rating of 7.83. This is impressive given the current price of $1,000.

So I decided I would go ahead and go for it. I decided to look at more of the listings to see if I would be able to save a few bucks.

At this point, it looked like I would be willing to pay about $955. But, since my search took only about an hour total, I decided to check out some

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