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Start by researching your hourly rate to determine your cost. Your hourly rate depends on how many hours you do for each job, how often you work, how many orders you receive and how soon you can take care of your customers.

Once you know your hourly rate, consult an hourly market expert.

If you still don’t know how much you should charge as a freelancer, find a number that fits your requirements, check your expenses, see how many orders you have every week. Once you know your hourly rate and your profit margins, get a discount for hiring an hourly market expert. Here is what you can get for less than $30k/year:

Budget Time:

Most projects ask more than just the basics like design, coding or data collection. If you need more time, you need to think about the client’s requirements and what they may desire. You can plan for your project with this:

A project needs to be completed in 6 weeks or less.

There are more than one possible options. You can decide how many iterations and if you want to change one concept or design to avoid another in the future.

How To Choose Your Hourly Rate:
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Once you know your hourly rate, you must be able to charge it. It won’t just be the number that you have set. Many freelancers don’t charge their clients enough. Check with your hourly market expert to figure out how your rate should be. Here’s what you can charge in a month:

Hourly market expert: $50 – 55

Hourly market expert: $75 – 85

Hourly market expert: $115 – 150

Hourly market expert: $180 – 200

Note: It’s important to know what your rates should be before working with an expert. You may find that an hourly expert’s rate is too high or too low for your needs. It’s important to remember that you are only charging for what you are capable of doing; you have more to offer than simply having enough hours in your career to pay the hourly rate.

Keep in mind what you’ve got to offer. You can offer a great design or technical work, or you could want to sell more books or increase your clients’ attention to your work. You could specialize, and only work for clients who need your professional help. If something doesn’t interest you, choose a freelance market expert instead. You’ll find more than 1,100 hourly market

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