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You can either use a USB camera that connects over USB, or plug your mobile device’s built-in audio into a soundcard that comes into the phone.

If you plan on recording in HD or 4K resolution, it’s recommended you pair your mobile with a microphone, so that when you press the start button, the recording session stops right before your heart rate rises to alarmingly high levels.

If you’re anything like us, you’re tired of seeing people get into fights over parking spots.

At one of St. John’s’s’s’ newest parking lots, there has been a serious clash between a parking lot operator and an angry customer over the city’s parking policies.

According to police reports, a woman and two other people were sitting in the lot Tuesday afternoon, when they saw an aggressive man, wearing camouflage, come up to an employee and begin screaming.

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According to the parking lot worker, the customer started screaming at staff and got into a fight with another employee in the vehicle, who asked the customer to leave before police arrived. The woman in the parking lot was called to police, and police confirmed the couple was not hurt.

The parking lot manager says the customer was trying to get a parking space and got a little too comfortable.

“It’s unfortunate they felt comfortable enough to do what they did. They have no respect for the people in this city who take out their frustrations on the road,” said Chris Fussell, spokesperson for the City of St. John’s.

The woman who was involved in the incident has not been charged, but was taken to hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.

Staff Sgt. John Bagnall says it was clear a heated parking dispute had hit a head with the staff member.

“If you park over three metres from another vehicle without a car licence permit, it’s going to be considered a park and feed operation,” he said.

As reported at city hall Friday, the city is planning on updating a new $6,000 parking bylaw that would ban parking for four hours or longer at businesses within 200 metres of schools and churches. This would be the first bylaw amendment to this nature in Canada. It will also require the city to review all new signs indicating there would be a five to 10 minute parking fee if someone isn’t ready to get out of their car.

The new rules will be on the city’s website by Friday.

The parking issue

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